These original science fair helps will make your project shine!

That's right! We want you to have more than just an original science fair project idea.

We want you to have an award winning science fair project that will take home the blue!

That's why we've put together these pages...

To help you with the finer points of your original science fair project. we go!

First, we'll go over exactly what you need to know before you begin your project. We'll take a close look at the mind of the average science fair judge and determine what he's thinking. To find out what science fair judges expect click here.

Second, we'll walk you through the world of the science fair display board. Although this may seem simple at first blush, there's more to display than meets the eye.

Or maybe we should say the "eye" is our most important customer!

Many years ago a camera company used a well known tennis player to advertise their product.

His catch phrase for that particular camera was...

"Image is everything!"

That is definitely true for the display. If the judges see a disgusting display, your project, no matter how good, has little chance. Click here to find award winning display ideas.

Next, we'll discuss how to write a great science fair paper. A clear, concise report is important. And you won't just learn how to write a paper. You'll learn how to write! Click here to learn the art of writing effective science fair project reports.

Then, we will discuss some miscellaneous "hints and tips" to polish your project. A solid, well-rounded project is bound to get the nod over a flashy but less than adequate one. These sections will help you "sharpen" your whole project idea. Click here to find out how to clean up your project to really make it shine!

Also, safety should always be first. So click here to see our safety and general rules page.

Next, we'll deal with something many people don't seem to understand. But, actually they're quite simple. We'll talk about charts and graphs. Click here to see instructions on how to make great graphs and charts.

Finally, you may be asking the question, "What if my experiment fails?" We've got a great page for that too. If it seems like something went wrong click here to find out what to do.

That's about it! Click on any of the links below to get started, and let your original science fair project shine!

Science Fair Project Information

Science Fair Display

Science Fair Project Report

Science Fair Success

Safety and General Science Fair Rules

How to Make Great Graphs and Charts

If Your Project Fails...What Next?

Hope you liked the original science fair helps page. Click here for the homepage.

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