Science Fair Help for a Failed Project

At some point in time, everyone needs science fair help. So do you do if your science fair project doesn't work.

Well, don't panic! Just read on. We have a few steps that may be able to recover what seems like a lost cause.

First, analyze what you did to see if you could have made mistakes. Some areas you might want to check are...

1.Did you do your measuring carefully?
2.Was your work area clean?
3.Were the samples you used pure? (no cross contamination)
4.Did you carefully follow all the directions you were given for this science fair project?

Next, retry your science fair project if you have time. Pay careful attention to the categories above as you do it.

But what if you come out with the same results. Please don't panic!

Use the mistake as your project. Do NOT change your hypothesis or fudge the results. Just show what happened.

Thomas Edison, the famous inventor hypothesized what would work as a filament in a light bulb. He tried and failed over 500 times before he found the right one! He didn't give up. He used his failures to help him the next time.

And that's what you must do. Judges know that sometimes a project will prove the hypothesis wrong. They respect that and will not hold it against you. Judges are looking for proof that you followed the scientific method and that your work is thorough, careful and complete.

So if your project seems like a probably isn't it just didn't work out the way you thought it should. So keep up the good work, and have fun at the science fair!

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