Science fair links and other
educational resources!

These aren't just science fair links. We've handpicked these links as valuable resources for science fair projects as well as education supplies. Teachers and students along with home school parents alike will enjoy "treasure hunting" this page. Hope you find what you're looking for.

Have fun!
Looking to make your project look professional. Surf this site to find great resources at a reasonable price. There's lots to take your time!
This site comes from the education angle. It's a terrific resource and a treasure trove of freebies. Another great informational site. If you're thinking of home-schooling or are already home-schooling your children, this resource is indispensable.
I don't think we need to even introduce this site. Needless to say this place has a huge variety of science fair books. Click here to see Marilyn's suggestions for great science fair books.

Finished with science fair links? Click here for more resources!

Ready for something else? Click here for the homepage.

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