Science fair project display boards shouldn't require a college degree to put together!

That's why we've made our science fair project display page as easy to understand as possible.

At first it may seem like a bit much. But we recommend you read everything on this page to get a better understanding of what a winning science fair project display is.

A little time here will make your time at the science fair much more rewarding.

So read everything!

Let's create your science fair project display!

Here we go...

1. Let's start with the bare basics. Make sure you already know what your school requires in a display board. Science fair judges can be a bit picky. So... careful to follow the instructions your teacher gave you. Follow the rules and you can't go wrong. Ignore them and...

...well, you'll do it right anyway. So you don't need to know!

The size of board, the way reports are written, the type of labeling required and many other things come into play. So make sure you know what your school requires!

2. Now you get to go grocery shopping. Well, maybe not exactly shopping, but this is the part where you gather your supplies. Make sure you have everything you need before you start. So...

...make a list first thing, then gather your supplies.

Your display will require...

1. Display board or sturdy cardboard (order from Amazon here)
2. Tape (double-sided or regular)
3. Scissors and/or craft knife
4. Markers, paint or crayons
5. Paper or cloth
6. Wire
7. Staples
8. Glue
9. Pictures relating to your project
10. Labels (pre-made or homemade)
11. Computer and paper

You may also want to include...

1. Lights
2. Stickers
3. Small samples from your project
4. Stencils

Your project may include additional supplies. So make sure you list everything you need so that you can get it in one trip.

3. Did you get eveything you needed?


Now we can move on to the plan. These are the parts you place on your display. Your plan may include...

1. Title
2. Supply list
3. Research
4. Hypothesis
5. The steps you took
6. Graphs and charts
7. Pictures
8. Results
9. Quotations
10. Samples


...every school is different. So make sure you know what your school requires!

4. Now comes the fun part... get to start making your display!

The important thing here is to be creative. When you make your title and labels, don't just use the same old same old. For instance, if your project is about the effects of heat on our oceans, use sea shells to create an attractive title.


If you plan on a project theme about horses, use rope letters in your title and labels.

Also use appropriate and attractive color schemes. A project about space could have a black color scheme. But black would never work for a project about light! Use appropriate colors!

Even the way you display your infromation should reflect who you are. But keep it neat whatever you do.

The key is be creative! Judges like to see originality. So... original.

Make sure your title and labels are ready to be placed on the science fair project display board.

5. Practice different types of layouts. You can still be creative with this part. But... warned!

The judges are looking for more than just originality in your layout.

Be too original and you'll turn the judges off.

Some factors for a good layout are...

1. Appeal (will it attract attention?)
2. Clarity (is your project clear?)
3. Balance (is it pleasant to look at?)
4. Creativity (is it you?)

6. Now assemble each part of your display. If you have a pre-made cardboard display, begin gluing the pieces on where you have already decided they would go. Make sure everything is glued tightly.

If you are using regular cardboard, cut out the pieces according to the rules given you by your school. It's probably best to make the middle panel a little bit longer than the two side panels. But be careful to make the side panels equal to each other! Your science fair project display board should look something like this...


7. You're almost there. One more thing we need to do...

Plan what you will put in front of your science fair project display. If you have a model, photo journal, samples or report folder, display it neatly and attractively on the table in front of your display.

Keep in mind...

Although many science fairs have a "hands-off" rule, be prepared to have your "stuff" handled anyway. At the very least, the judges will be touching your project.

Creativity Corner

Below are some ideas for science fair project displays. But don't just copy what you see. Use your brain! Be creative, and come up with something original!

Science Fair

Science Fair

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