Science fair project report tips for the beginner

Before we get into the actual writing of your science fair project report let's go over some general tips for good writing.

1. Write clearly. Don't try to impress the judges with big words. Chances are you won't!

2. Write concisely. This means with as few words as possible. You're not writing a term paper. So, don't! Don't write long, flowing sentences either. Try to keep them short, sweet and to the point with an occasional long one thrown in every once in a while.

3. Write carefully. Make sure you are sure of your facts. Nothing turns off a judge more than obviously faked ideas. This is a science fair project. Science deals with facts. So be careful!

Now let's look at your science fair project report...


The accepted rule for the length of your paper is one to two paragraphs per grade level. For example...

If you're in 1st grade you need to do at least one paragraph.

If you're in 2nd grade you should write at least two paragraphs.

Third grade will do at least three...

And so on.

Each paragraph should contain no fewer than four sentences but don't go more than six per paragraph. Remember to keep it as concise (short) as necessary. But don't be stingy. Make sure all the important information is there!

Important Stuff

Here's what your science fair project report should include...

1. How you did it.
2. What you learned from your project.
3. How this information has changed how you think.
4. Some of the sources (books, magazines, websites, etc.) that you used.


Now let's write your science fair project report. Here is a quick outline of the steps you need to take to write your paper...

Gather your research. If your report requires outside sources (books, magazines, etc.) make sure to find that information before you start. Make sure you've written things down about any experiments you did.

And As we discussed above, make sure of your facts. The judges don't give fake blue ribbons for fake science fair ideas!

Organize everything logically. In other words, make it all make sense. Organize your material in a creative but logical way. Perhaps you may want to list your facts and then number them according to importance.

Write the rough draft Don't try to make it perfect the first time. Just take the logical order you put together in the last step and present it in an interesting way. Try to put into words what you saw, discovered, experienced and learned. And make it real for the judges. Pull them into your science fair project with what you've written.

Think of it in terms of a story. You don't enjoy watching a movie that has a boring story line. So...

Don't bore the judges. Give them something to enjoy! You might get kudo points for it!

Write the final draft. Here's where you need to be careful! Write (or type) a clean copy of your report. Misspellings, smudges and mistakes will cost you plenty if you aren't careful.


"Image is everything!"

That isn't just for the display. It's also for your paper. Make it look nice.

A Final Word

We should say before we leave that you need to pay attention to the rules of your school's science fair. Some places do things differently. If your school requires something other than the guidelines we've given, follow the rules of your school.

The rules we've gone over today are fairly generic, but some of your school guidelines may be different. So...

Pay attention to the rule book!

A football game would be a mess without a rulebook.

A science fair would be the same if no one followed rules.

So be careful! You might lose that blue ribbon if you don't play by the rules!

Have fun!

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